PWCS Library

The library offers digital downloads of books, audio books and videos. If you do not have a library card yet, you can sign up for one digitally. They are also offering curbside pick up. See their website below for more details:
Prince William County Library (

Donate Rice by Answering Questions allows you to practice vocabulary, geography, multiplication facts, Spanish and more all while donating rice to those in need through the Word Food Programme. When you go to the website look for the three lines in the top left to choose what questions you want.

Virtual Field Trips
Here are some websites that will allow you to visit other places in the world (while practicing social distancing). If you go on a good one let me know so I can go too!

Computer Coding
Hour of code is an awesome initiative that allows kids to learn practical computer coding skills. They have a bunch of free activities to explore. Head over to and check them out. 

At Home Science Experiments
Bill Nye (the Science guy) has a wonderful website full of video clips and experiments you can try at home (and most take supplies you already have). Head over to And if you do any send me an email with pictures (and email your science teacher too). 

They have some fun educational shows to watch. 

Staying Active
Make sure you are taking time to take care of your bodies during this time. Take time outside (while practicing social distancing) to go for a walk. You can also find fun Zumba, yoga or other aerobic activities on youtube.  This is also a perfect time to master some TikTok dances. 

When I find other activities I will update this page -- also If you have suggestions send them over so I can share!