Weekly Activities!
Here you will find directions and links for the learning opportunities for each week. I will not take them down immediately, so you are welcome to review activities from past weeks if you need to. Please let me know if you have any questions.
best wishes
For Monday/Tuesday, June 8-9:
Students, I love you all! I know this isn't how we saw the school year ending, but we had a fantastic year together. Thank you for your hard work. You can always send me an email over the summer to say hi! Also, make sure to click here for my Over the Break page for ideas of things to do over the summer.

For fun, join these two quizzes to try and match different Fred Lynn staff members to their baby photos. 
Quiz 1
Quiz 2

For Tuesday, June 2:
Day two! Yesterday, you thought about some favorite memories in 7th grade. Today, you are going to write a letter and give some advice! Click the Nearpod to get to work!

For Monday, June 1:
It's June already?! Thank you all for such an amazing year. And thank you to all you students who have been following along with this review work! I hope your brain is still feeling sharp! Today, we are going to be looking back at the great school year we had and recording some memories. Click this Nearpod to go tell me some of your best memories!

For Tuesday, May 26:
Hope you all had a nice "day off" yesterday! Today, we're going to be learning a little more about Memorial Day and reflecting on why it might be an important holiday. Click to go to the Nearpod and learn more!

For Monday, May 25:
Memorial Day. No work.

For Tuesday, May 19:
Today is word part day! Remember those awesome root word trees we made? And the word part charts? All those word parts help us figure out the meanings of words we don't know! Pretty handy to know, right? So let's review some!
-Join this Quizizz here for a review on different affixes!
-Join this Quizizz here for a review on prefixes and suffixes!

*Remember that reading for 15 minutes a day is a great way to keep your brain sharp during this time! Pick up a book, a comic, a magazine, an article on your phone, and read!

For Monday, May 18:
Happy Monday! Thank you to those of you that participated in the Dinner Party project! I really enjoyed seeing who you would invite and reading your invitations and menus! I hope you had fun!

Today, we are going to be reviewing synonyms and antonyms. Words that have similar and different meanings, remember? You have some options today. Please complete at least one of the following reviews! (But you can always do more!! :D)

-Complete this fun spring themed Nearpod on synonyms and antonyms!

-Log in to Flocabulary to complete a review of synonyms and antonyms. 

-Complete these Quizizzs on synonyms and antonyms. Quizizz #1 & Quizizz #2

For Tuesday, May 12:

Yay! Last day of the project! Today might be the best part.. the menu!! Food is always a good idea. In this Nearpod, you'll choose your entire menu. For those of you that invited a family member, maybe you will choose to include one of their favorite meals. For those of you that chose a celebrity, maybe you will pick something that you think they will like.
Bon appetit!

For Monday, May 11:
Happy Monday! Excited about the guests you've chosen for your Dinner Party? Today, you are going to write an invitation to them! Please go to the Nearpod.

Again, if you do not wish to participate in this project, please complete the new Flocabulary assignment!

For Tuesday, May 5:
Hello!! Are you ready for a Dinner Party? I think you'll have fun if you do it!!
Check out yesterday's Nearpod to choose your guests or jump right into today's Nearpod where you get to list some cool facts about some of your favorite people!

If you don't want to do the project, please complete the Fact & Opinion assignment on Flocabulary!!!

For Monday, May 4:
May the fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars day!
First, I'm so proud of you all for participating and continuing to review with me during this crazy time! I know it may not be easy and it's really hard to be away from school and friends and teachers but thank you for still being here. You're all awesome!

Today, we are launching our Dinner Party Project!! This is an optional project but I think you'll really love it! We will be completing a different part of the project each day we "meet." Today, you will need to pick which guests you would like to have over for dinner. Check out the Nearpod to participate! 

If you do not want to participate in the project, that's okay. Please go to Flocabulary and complete the Fact & Opinion assignment that is there! (But the Dinner Party will be fun!)

For Tuesday, April 28:
Tuesday! Already!? Today, you are going to be reading a short folktale about three wishes. Sound familiar? Yesterday you brainstormed what your three wishes would be. Today we're going to be reviewing conflict and seeing how a character used his three wishes. Go to the Nearpod here

For Monday, April 27:
It's Monday! Today, I would like you to complete the Flocabulary Conflict review. Watch the video if you need, then write an example of each vocab word. After you complete this review, please go to this Nearpod and do a very quick write about what three wishes you would ask for if you had the chance. This is a hint of what we will be reading tomorrow!

Remember, you can log in to Flocabulary with your Microsoft school email and password. You can also get in through Clever. If you have questions or issues, please let me know!

For Tuesday, April 21:
Paired Passage day 2. *If you did not do Monday, April 20, please do that instead!*
Today we are reading a poem about a goldfish. I want you to compare and contrast the story and this poem. This is the Nearpod link!

For Monday, April 20:

Happy Monday! Today we are reviewing the 5 elements of plot. Please go to this Nearpod. The code is LYDGR. Use your real name! Complete the quick review of the 5 elements and then read and respond to the short story.If you have any questions, please let me know.

For Tuesday, April 14:
Please go to Nearpod.com and Join a Lesson with this code: FJVWH
You will read the short story The Fun They Had and then respond by typing in your answers OR recording a video of you sharing your answers in Flipgrid. Let me know if you have any questions.