Hello parents and students! Thanks for visiting my page!

I am Miss Martinez (Constanza Martinez Espinosa) and this year I will be your child’s Pre-Algebra teacher. I come from Bogotá, Colombia. I began my teaching journey 21 years ago teaching Math. This is my 10th year teaching Math to 8th grade and my first-year teaching at FLMS. I’m so excited to have your child in my class this school year!

 I will be updating this Webpage on a weekly basis to communicate homework, activities, quizzes, etc. If you have any question or concerns please feel free to contact by email at MartinCL3@pwcs.edu  Email will be checked during office hours.
Constanza Martinez Espinosa



 At Home Learning Schedule 
(Math 8 Monday and Tuesdays)
Click: https://lynnms.pwcs.edu/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=42383608


According to the schedule sent home, we will holding zoom meetings with those students who have questions related to the topic of the week. This week we will be holding this meeting based on the two activities below. Please complete them before attending the virtual classroom 

Tuesday 4/14 

NearPod Real Numbers-     (Class Code: TZEMP)
 Quizziz Real Numbers - (Class Code: 714151)


Some other sources to review

Unit 1: The real number system

Compare and order real numbers

Nearpod    https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/HNpIfLenNu   good through April 30th

Quizizz, enter joinmyquiz.com   with code 155119 good through April 23rd


The real number system

Nearpod     https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/eJhNIsJcMu              good through April 30th Quizizz   visiting joinmyquiz.com using this code): 519990 good through April 7th


8. 2 Desmos Card Sort Real Number Statement – Desmos online activity. Review Subsets of Real Numbers.  https://student.desmos.com/?prepopulateCode=nt5h2p Code NT5H2P

Quizizz, enter joinmyquiz.com    Review - Real Numbers Review enter joinmyquiz.com     with the code 714151 good through April 24th

Unit 2 Consumer Math
Monday  4/20 
Tuesday 4/21

Percent increase and decrease Nearpod - https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/5nXV1xLrNu
(Class Code: WVNPD)

Interest Nearpod - https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/WlxJg6KyMu

(Class Code: KVISR)

Quizizz. SOL 8.4 review  quizizz.com/join?gc=450269

(Class Code: 450269)

Some other sources to review

  • Go to the “Unit 2 Consumer Math” in flies and folders, there, you can find 6 different activities to review this unit. Please feel free to solve them! 
  • Quizziz Markup, discount, tax, tip  -. enter joinmyquiz.com with the code 490977quizizz.com/join?gc=490977 good through April 29th
  • Quizziz Review SOL 8.4 - Review the entire unit with this quizziz. (Class Code: 463739) good through April 29th

Unit 3: Algebraic Applications 

We will be reviewing this in our zoom meeting
Tuesday 4/28/20.

Evaluate expressions

 Nearpod https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/lXCxfOO8Lu               Code EYJBX  good through May 24th

Quizizz                 quizizz.com/join?gc=867478   Code 867478  good through May 24th

Pythagorean Theorem

Quizizz  quizizz.com/join?gc=445232  Code 445232   good through May 24th

Desmos  Code VKY3W6  good through May 24th

Additional Resources to review

Evaluate expressions

Nearpod  https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/3uz7NsUtNu good through May 21st   Code XHZSR

Quizziz    Evaluate expressions . (Class Code: 834850) good through May 1st https://quizizz.com/join?gc=834850


Kahoot https://kahoot.it/challenge/06744152?challenge-id=d9a86993-10b1-45ec-9542-7a2d9f24d8c5_1587517499362  Code 06744152

Pythagorean theorem activity.

Nearpod https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/Q4VqKNYHMu   Code MZJLE good through May 21st

Kahoot https://kahoot.it/challenge/07621219?challenge-id=d9a86993-10b1-45ec-9542-7a2d9f24d8c5_1587527193035 code 07621219


We will be reviewing this in our zoom meeting 
Tuesday 5/05/20.

1.) Complete Angles Desmos by visiting student.desmos.com and use this code: NG35RR

2.) Complete Angles Quizziz by visiting joinmyquiz.com and use this code: 788979


 1.) Complete Transformation Desmos by visiting student.desmos.com and use this code: ZACF5F 

2.) Complete Transformation Quizziz by visiting joinmyquiz.com and use this code: 652376

Join us for a live review game! We will play an Angles Game on GIMKIT

Additional Resources to review



We will be reviewing this in our zoom meeting 
Tuesday 5/12/20.
MONDAY  05/11

1.) Watch this video on Composite Figures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKV4rtmYMsA
*There is a mistake in the video, if you find it, email me and receive an extra credit!

2.) Complete Composite Figures Quizziz by visiting  joinmyquiz.com and use this code: 004516

Formula Sheet
8th Grade Formula Sheet.pdf

Desmos Calculator


.) Complete Changing Attributes Desmos by visiting student.desmos.com and use this code: S8J56M
2.) Complete Changing Attributes Quizziz by visiting joinmyquiz.com and use this code: 160835

ZOOM Live Game: Quizziz
(9:00 am - 9:45 am)


We will be reviewing this in our zoom meeting 
Tuesday 5/19/20. 9:00 AM

MONDAY 05/18

Complete the Simplifying Expressions Nearpod by visiting join.nearpod.com and use this code: WJVRX

 Good through 06/03/20

Complete Simplifying Expressions Quizziz by visiting  joinmyquiz.com and use this code: 5643503

Good through 06/03/20

Tuesday 05/19

Complete the Equations Review Nearpod by visiting join.nearpod.com and use this code: NOPCZ

Good through 06/03/20


Complete Equations Quizziz by visiting joinmyquiz.com and use this code: 8796298 Good through 06/03/20

Tuesday 05/26

During this week we are working to complete a escape room. You can complete this individually or joining on the zoom meeting

Follow the link for the  Equations Escape Room 


Monday, June  1st:  

Complete the Slope/Y-intercept activity in Nearpod by visiting join.nearpod.com using this code: JPWVE
Complete the Slope/ Y-intercept activity in Quizizz by visiting joinmyquiz.com using this code: 8557394

Good through June 8th


Tuesday, June  2nd:  


Complete the Independent variable activity Nearpod by visiting join.nearpod.com using this code: FHZRU
Complete the activity in Quizizz by visiting joinmyquiz.com using this code: 3382652

Good through June 8th

Online Learning and review

Dear Parents and students,

Taking into account the current situation I’ll like to encourage students to review information that we have learned throughout this school year. Below are some online resources that can be used at home and help you review topics we have already learned, there are some review guides and activities you can download. I will update this web page with new material and more information regarding further learning and next steps.

IXL This web page provides exercises with feedback and explanation. Although is NOT free, it provides a curriculum for students to follow each day. https://www.ixl.com/

Khan Academy – It has lessons, practice work and explanatory videos to review and reinforce what we studied.https://www.khanacademy.org/

Kahoot – Kahoot is a great way to practice questions, it can also be used as a quick review (check) after finishing a lesson the students have been taught. The questions are timed. https://kahoot.com/

Quizizz – similar to Kahoot but it gives more time to answer each question.https://quizizz.com/

VDOE – The Virginia Department of education highlights the main SOL's students are expected to learn and they provide resources corresponding with each Standard of Learning, attached there is a folder with this activities and practice items for home. In this link you find reviews and what you need to for the year. The SOL we didn’t cover yet are just 8.11 to 8.13. http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/mathematics/2016/stds/stds-grade8.pdf

Thank you, parents, for being involved with your child’s education. As we learn more about technology driven approaches to educate this year, I will update this page every Monday with new information.  If you have any question or concerns please feel free to contact by email at MartinCL3@pwcs.edu, I will do my best to reply in timely manner. The most important, please stay safe!

Ms. Martinez