March 27, 2020

Hi guys! I hope you are all still doing well and being safe! Sorry I haven't been as active on the Fred Lynn Page, I've been sick for the past week and a half. :(  I am feeling a bit better and the sunny weather is helping! I will be posting new activities every few days for you to practice all the skills you learned during the year. Also, if you see this, PLEASE send me an email so I can give you your Google Classroom email and password, that way we can chat through there. I will be posting the same activities on Google Classroom as well.   

Again, my email is:

I posted a Nearpod and an activity on TEXT STRUCTURES where the documents are located.  :) 

Love ya guys!!

27 de marzo de 2020

Hola! Espero que todos sigan bien y se estén quedando en sus casas. Perdona por no haber estado más activa en la página de Fred Lynn. Llevo semana y media enferma. Ya hoy me siento mejor y el día tan hermoso y soleado es de mucha ayuda. Voy a estar posteando actividades cada 2 o 3 días sobre temas ya estudiados en clase; de esta manera puedes seguir practicando y mejorando. En adición, si ves este mensaje, por favor envíame un correo electrónico. De esta manera puedo enviarle su correo electrónico y contraseña para que así puedas accesar Google Classroom. Allí estaré posteando las mismas actividades que aquí y podemos tener conversaciones grupales.

De nuevo, aquí les dejó mi correo electrónico:

Acabo de postear una actividad en Nearpod sobre las estructuras de un texto en donde están localizados los documentos. No duden en mandarme correos electrónicos si tienen alguna duda.

Los quiero!!

Hi all!! 

First of all, I hope that you are all doing well and keeping safe.  Second, I miss you all!! 

Welcome to my class page! Here you will find useful links, educational games, and assignments that will help you keep your brain on track with all the amazing things you have learned this year. None of these will be graded, but again, they are great to keep you on track.  I'll be posting more throughout the next few days. 

I will also be posting on Google Classroom. Please check out both pages regularly. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. 

I will be available during the day to help you with any assignment or to answer any questions.

Here are some very valuable resources you can explore and use on your own.

Here you can practice all of the NON-FICTION skills we learned in class. You can click on any article you would like to read---Newsela is free for the rest of the school year. You can also access it through Clever!

Don't quite remember those skills? Here: Non-Fiction Nearpod  CODE: AMYDT

Here you can practice many skills! Writing, Reading, Genres, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and many more... Go ahead and explore. You will also find resources to help you with Science, Math, Social Studies, too!

Brain Pop (Similes and Metaphors). ---> CLICK HERE TO START LEARNING THROUGH BRAINPOP!  :) 


-Mrs. Morales