Updated on March 23, 2020.

Games and Activities that are directly tied to our curriculum. "Do I have a right" and "Immigration Nation" are available en Español.  If you win a game, print the certificate or take a screenshot to prove it and I will give you class credit (email to KraineM@pwcs.edu).

Videos (en Español tambien), activities, and sometimes even assignments. If any old assignments are completed, email KraineM@pwcs.edu to notify me to check and update your scores. 

**students have subscriptions to icivics, brainpop, flocabulary.com, and Khan Academy through their pwcs office 365 access. Brainpop & Khan Acemy son en español. Si necesitas ayuda, email Mr. Krainess at Krainem@pwcs.edu)

Here are the steps to access it:
-go to http://office365.pwcs.edu
-Log in using their student computer login (example: lastname24@pwcs-edu.org) and password.
-Click on "the waffle" in the upper left hand corner of the page.
-Click on "all apps" and then scroll down and click "Clever"
-click "log in using office365"
-scroll down to find either flocabulary button OR brainpop, icivics, or Khan Academy and make sure you have joined my class and look for assignments and notifications.

SOL Pass
To log in just find our school in the drop down menu. The password is lynnms  Print the page or take a screenshot to show me that you won games or completed review activities in sol pass and I'll give you class credit (email to KraineM@pwcs.edu). 

This Link Is Everything
Literally, this link is a document that includes every single vocabulary word, definition, concept, and explanation that we will learn this entire year. Important content to study begins on page 15.  March 23 Update: We have covered everything in this document except SOL CE 13 (starts on page 58).  So feel free to look at & study the old stuff to review, or the new stuff, beginning on page 58.

Crash Course Government & Politics
10 minute videos that explain concepts related to our curriculum. Lots of great info, but he goes fast!