Hello Students and Parents,

I hope you are all staying well and sane in the face of this new normal. I miss you all and the craziness of our regular school day schedule.  Currently, we are awaiting direction from of the Office of Special Education and Federal Department of Education to understand how to proceed with services and meetings. In the meantime, I will share speech and language materials and links to address basic concepts, language, articulation, and fluency on this page.

One helpful link for families if you children are having a difficult time understanding Covid 19 pandemic, is the link from National Autism Association. There are helpful simple social stories (with pictures), explanations of Covid 19, and tips to keep you and your family safe during this time, and helpful coping tips.  https://nationalautismassociation.org/covid-19-resources-for-families/

Parents, if your child/children are working on articulation, please encourage them to practice their speech sounds for at least 5 minutes/day or pick a time (ie. before dinner) to have conversations to give the target sounds focused attention and to encourage self-correction. Please see the links and documents for word lists, activities, and websites that can help at home. 

If your student is working on fluency skills (stuttering), please have them name their strategy and practice at the word, sentence, or conversation level. Pick a consistent time of the day to try this. Check out the fluency strategies on the documents page. 

If your student is working on language skills, please see my documents page for strategies to encourage language at home and other language enhancers and reminders. 

Finally, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions or concerns at oakleyde@pwcs.edu
Thank you and stay safe!