Out of School Work

First, I hope you all are being safe during this time! The work we are posting will not be graded but we want you to try your best and still practice your skills. Make sure to check all your teacher's pages during this time for updates and work that they also posted. I miss you all and if you have any questions or just want to check in my email is quiglej@pwcs.edu. Feel free to send emails to stay in touch! All your teachers miss you and want to know how you are doing!

During the closing I will be posting articles and other work for you all to do while you are out of school. I will update my class page weekly to add more activities for you to do at home. You can go to www.readworks.org/student to find the passages. Our class login in 7W3F3Z and the password is 1234 There will be assignments there to complete and submit your answers. If you do not see your name, please email me so I can add you to the class roster! For Flocabulary our class code will be 9XG8NB.

If you need to make up any writing assignments that you have missed during the school year you can email them to Ms. Shade, Ms.  Gaspar or myself to look at. The prompt is what is one of your favorite memories you have? Make sure you use complete thoughts and it is 5 paragraphs! Let us know if you need help!