You may redo any assignment from the beginning of the school year through March 13 to improve your grade. You can check StudentVue for grades. Email me if there is an assignment you would like to do again. 

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  • You can create your schedule for next school year. Fill out the form to select your classes. 
  • Memorial Day
  • Join us at 11:15! Everything you need to login is here
  • Hey class! You're invited to zoom with us tomorrow at 11:15. If you want to join, make sure to review our Zoom expectations if you haven't done so already. We look forward to seeing you!
  • We'll be Zooming on Tuesday morning. The link to join will be posted on our class page, google classroom, and sent to your school email. If you're thinking of joining us on zoom, take a minute to review zoom expectations
  • Mr. Beatty and I would love to see you all next week on Zoom! Stay tuned for more info.
  • Paired passages activity for today. Go to Weekly Activities to see current and past activities. 
  • New option on the menu, "Weekly Activities". You can go to this tab to check activities posted each week. It can help you stay organized.
  •  We are back from Spring Break! There's a new Learning from Home Schedule and document that contains all the topics we've learned in class is uploaded. I will be posting new activities this week. Stay tuned! 
  • Nearpod lesson on The Writing Process is uploaded. Go check it out! 
  • Next week is spring break! I won't post anything new, but if you can work on any assignments you have not checked out. Enjoy Spring Break! Stay Safe!
  • New Flipgrid video on the topic "What are you reading?", check it out and share what you are reading. Also, make sure you're getting into our Google Classroom. If you don't know how to get in, please email me, I am still here to help all of you! 
  • Nearpod review lesson on "Literary Genres". This is also on Google Classroom.
  •  Review basic and most common prefixes and suffixes on Nearpod. Use code OJPAI. This is also uploaded as a PDF document under Word Study on left hand menu "Files and Documents". 
  •  New Folder created "Word Study". It is under "Files and Document". I shared a link to Quizlet for students to review some of the prefixes learned in class. This is also available on Google Classroom. 
  1. Nearpod lesson on Plot is ready. Use code QJPWI.
  2. Google Classroom is set up. I will be sending an email with instructions and class code.
  •  Study Guide on "Fiction" and "Plot and Conflict" Lesson are available. More lessons on fiction will be uploaded during this week. 
  1. Nearpod Lesson on Text Structure is available. Login through clever using your username and password or nearpod code ZPLYN. 
  2. Study Guide, lessons, and links for Text Structure are available under Files and Documents menu.