Spanish version of information about summer school enrollment
Forma de Inscripcion  (enlace)
Thank you to Ms. Jazmin Fernandez (text/email contact 571-402-2531) for translating the registration information into Spanish.  She is willing to help parents complete the process for their FLMS ESOL students.

Monday 6/8 8:15-9:15 a.m.
(ELD/Listening, Speaking, Writing) 
Checklist of Math 6 and Math 7 skills.

ELD/Math:  Mrs. Reilly, Mrs. Smith and Dr. Sullivan will be available for instruction or help online during the 8:15-9:00 a.m. (morning) Monday and Tuesday time frame.  Here is the meeting code for our last Zoom class of 2019-2020 . Password is 4Wccgz

La Sra. Reilly, la Sra. Smith y la Dra. Sullivan estarán disponibles para instrucción o ayuda en línea durante el plazo de 8:15-9:00 a.m. (mañana) los lunes y los martes.  Publicaremos el código de la reunión aquí los domingos por la noche.

We will close out the school year with a virtual engineering project.  We will use ratios and proportions to design rides at the amusement park.
picture of amusement park rides to practice ratios and proportions

vocabulary words for math equations

still frame of girl talking to robot on BrainPOP
Monday 6/1 8:15-8:50 a.m. (ELD/Listening, Speaking, Writing)  Checklist of Math 6 and Math 7 skills.

What is distance learning
Find some settings that work for you to learn better when you cannot be in class.

May 18 & 19:  We will review factoring, expanding expressions, and equations.  

Grades 6/7/8:  You can practice on Quizizz  9436983
Grades 7/8:  You can practice on Quizizz.  1379806

Watch and Learn -- Math in Action. 
Making a mask involves geometry, measurement, 2-D, 3-D, and fractions.  I will show these steps
1) make a pattern,
2) cut out fabric,
3) assemble parts,
4) sew mask,
5) complete it with ties. 

We talked about the demonstration during cyber class.
You can watch this news clip to learn more about masks. 

Technology practice for you:  respond to this Math in Masks Flipgrid.

Math 6/7/8:  We will calculate according to Order of Operations.
   Solve Desmos Twin Puzzles.
   BrainPOP Grade 6/7/8 week 5 Order of Operations.

   BrainPOP Español Gr 6/7/8 semana 5 Orden de Operaciones.

   NearPOD Compare and Order
   NearPOD vocabulary & practice of Ratios and Percents. 
   Quizziz Comparing and Ordering FDP

Math 7/8:  We will review line properties of slope and intercept.
   BrainPOP  Grade 7 week 5 Slope and Intercept.
   BrainPOP Español Gr 7 semana5 Pendiente e Interseccion.
   Quizziz "Write an Inequality"
   Quizziz "Graphing & Writing Inequalities" 

Pre-Algebra is working with composite shapes this week.  Prepare for the future; review area and perimeter of polygons.

   BrainPOP Grade 6/7/8 week 5 Area of Polygons.

   BrainPOP Español Gr 6/7/8 semana 5 Area de los Poligonos.

Here is a BrainPOP game about polygon area.  Good luck!
Here is a Desmos problem that we can practice together.  Espanol or English -- you choose. 

Congratulations to students who finished their BLUE BOOKS. 

ELD/Speaking:  Go to Flipgrid to answer this question.  Where would you rather work?  (Where do you prefer to work?)
Would you rather serve at a restaurant with 2 different pay scales

Welcome to your future!

Dr. Sullivan