Welcome to a new year of Middle School ART

6th grade students will begin with an exercise to develop hand and eye coordination through line drawing........we will then continue to study ways to show movement using lines in Art.
Sixth graders completed their drawing unit with Gesture figures, and moved on to color theory.  They completed a color wheel painting.  'We are now working on a fantasy animal made out of three different animals; The habitat background will be watercolor and the animal with show different textures with oil pastels

We studied the paintings of Italian artist Arcimboldo, who created portraits out of food, flora, and fauna.  Students then did their own "food dude"  using magazine photos to create a head and body.

Cross-curricular lesson with Social Studies.  Students chose images that represent Colonial America, and built them out of materials on a cardboard plate.  We then printed them as collagraphs.

We are ending the semester with a reflection piece modeled after Gustav Klimt's "Tree of Life".  Students will draw their tree and paint it either metallic gold or silver.  Then we will add stickers and jewels  to represent each students interests.

The first semester will end on January 24th and your child will move to a different Encore class on January 28th.  Thank you for the privilege of experiencing Art with your child.

Welcome to 2nd semester in Studio 36!!

Sixth graders are being introduced to visual arts as production, art history, and art appreciation.   They will begin with the study of LINE and how it creates movement and pattern in Art.

After line and movement, students are examining visual and tactile TEXTURES  through a design.  We are discussing the building blocks of a good composition - repetition, rotation, overlapping, and cropping.

Sixth graders learned that the color wheel is a tool for mixing colors, and we made those colors and painted them inside a "color eye".    

Next we are making Fantasy Art by creating a hybrid animal that is made up of three different animals.  We were halfway through this project when we left school on March 13th.  No assignments can be made at this time, stay tuned for further developments as I am told how to do so.

Welcome back from Spring Break (which was a lot longer than we anticipated).  I found two exciting interactive Art tours designed for kids only :)
Please check out:

#MetKids at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for time travel and other games

Also Tate Kids from the Tate Museum of Art in London.  Both sites are very user friendly.  


April 20, 2020

Good Morning!!  We talked a bit about animation in class and how it changed over the last 100 years.  Go to Clever - Brainpop - Art and Music - Art Concepts - Traditional Animation.  Click on video (it is short) and it will explain the beginning of film animation.  Then you can take the quiz to test your skills (no grade) or participate in one of the other online activities.

OR if you want a hands-on activity :)   Go to www.myartlesson.com/typography-texture-study/.   This involves doing texture rubbings inside or outside your house with a pencil, crayon, or chalk.   It will be like the lesson we did with texture plates but without plates!!

Missing you/Ms. Frye

May 3, 2020
If you are trying the found object color wheel that I emailed to you, the colors start at the top with YELLOW, YELLOW-GREEN, GREEN, BLUE-GREEN, BLUE, BLUE-VIOLET, VIOLET, RED-VIOLET, RED, RED-ORANGE, ORANGE, YELLOW-ORANGE.
Bonus question: who is the President??

May 25, 2020
How many of you remembered that YELLOW is the president of the color wheel?  Good, I'm proud of you!!  But right now, lets think of red, white, and blue since Memorial Day is in remembrance of servicemen and women who gave their lives for our flag and country.  I would like for you to do some graphic design by making large numbers 2020 on a sheet of paper and then fitting our flag into the numbers.  You can be as creative as you like and please email to me so I can see your creativity!!

Missing you, 
Ms. Frye