June 3, 2020:
Please complete the review lesson in nearpod
Nearpod lesson: African American Heroes

May 27,2020:
Please complete the review lesson about the Oregon Trail.
Nearpod lesson: Oregon Trail 

May 20, 2020:
Please complete the following review lessons:
Nearpod lesson: No Taxation without Representation reviews reasons the colonies wanted independence from Great Britain
Nearpod lesson: Constitution reviews the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Branches of Government

May 13,2020:
Please complete the review lesson on English colonies in North America.
Nearpod lesson: English colonies   Code: ITVKN

May 6, 2020:
Please complete the review of English colonies:
Nearpod lesson: Colonial Specialization   Code: VKPLB

April 29,2020:
Please complete the review of the Kingdoms of Africa:
Nearpod lesson: Kingdoms of Africa   Code: PUHNS

April 22,2020:
Please complete the review of the Early North American Cultures:
Nearpod lesson: Early North American Cultures Code: GDZUC

April 16, 2020:
Please complete the review for historical thinking skills:
Nearpod lesson: Historical Thinking Skills Code: SDKEJ

April 15, 2020:
Please complete the review lesson for geography.
Nearpod lesson: Geography  Code: PVAXI

March 2020:
Please see the special assignment under the "Living Through History" folder in Files and Documents. 
Thank you to the students that have shared their journal writing with me. I have added more questions to think and write about in the file link above. Check it out!

Under Files and Documents, there are resources under each unit. Students can read the documents in  Units 6 and 7.
Our textbook is online. Students should read chapters 7 and 8 in the textbook. 
There is a fun game in Unit 6- Oregon Trail. It is best to play this game on a computer.
On mobile devices, students can access lessons for Units 6 & 7. 
Go to Nearpod and then enter the following access codes:
Students, please put your first and last name so I can track your progress.
Abolitionists and suffragists: Code RXSVD
Beacon Hill: Code SZIQB
Manifest Destiny: Code XWMAV
Inventions in the 1800's: YPXVG
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison: BXHRI

For more Fred Lynn content from all classes, visit this link.
See this link to PWCS for optional schedules and activities.

Things to do: 
 Click here for a great resource for students from Scholastic. It provides daily fun lessons for students on many topics.
Click here for a great history website. You can choose from many areas of history.
Click here for a youtube video by Ms. Hess (our counselor).
Brainpop is giving free subscriptions to students that are experiencing school closure
Watch CNN10.
Links to virtual tours in history museums:
Natural History museum
Women's history museum
National Air Force Museum
National Museum of Anthropology
British Museum 

For fun, enjoy real time animal camera feeds:
Beluga Whales
Houston Zoo
Underwater animals (like sharks)