Welcome to 8th grade ART!!  2nd Semester

Students need a pencil for this class every day!1

We. are beginning by making folders or portfolios to hold their work in progress.  Drawing from direct observation, learning the value scale, and shading textures will combine for the first project.  Direct observation means that the stuffed animal is sitting in front of the student from start to finish.  A gray scale with an Ebony pencil has been completed before the students attempt to draw fur and other textures.

8th Graders completed a realistic drawing of a stuffed animal, and shaded it using the gray scale from 10 to 80 percent.

We then moved on to color and more drawing from direct observation.  Students drew their own eye by looking in a mirror, and we made it surreal by blowing watercolor tears with straws.  After this easy introduction to using watercolors, we chose warm or cool colors to paint a galaxy background with a black silhouette of a fairy, mermaid, or dragon in the center.  They were working hard on watercolor skills when we left school on March 13th.  There are no assignments at this time; please stay tuned as I am given further instructions by PWC.

Welcome back from Spring Break (which has been very long)
I found two interactive websites for you to check out: both have games, quizzes, and digital content.  

#MetKids from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Tate Kids from the Tate Museum of Art in London
Both are very user friendly and will reference some artists that you are familiar with.  Get your Art ON!!


April 20, 2020

Good Morning, 
I want you to choose one of two Brainpop activities today - or both :)  
Go to Clever - Brainpop - Art and Music - Art Concepts.  Choose Painting OR Frida Kahlo.  There will be a short video, and then you can test your knowledge with the quiz (no grade) or do some of the other activities.

If you want a hands on activity, this will refresh your texture and shading skills that we learned in class.  www.myartlesson.com/typography-texture-study/  You can use pencil, crayon, or chalk and rub textures inside or outside your house to create a collage.

Missing you, Ms. Frye

April 23, 2020
I just found out this is Gargoyle and Grotesque Week!!  Do you know the difference?  And do you know that we have a cathedral close by covered with carved creatures?  Go to  Cathedral.org/online and scroll to the bottom to see neat photos, coloring pages, and drawing challenges.  Your clay project was going to be a ceramic gargoyle, so check them out.

May 3, 2020

I just sent you an email with a drawing challenge!!  Review of our animal drawing lesson but designing a mask.

May 25, 2020

As you know, we celebrate Memorial Day in remembrance of all the servicemen and women who gave their lives for our freedom.  I would like for you to do an abstract self-portrait by drawing a basic oval for your face.  Now add features for eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.  Think outside the box - your eyes could be stars since we are thinking about the flag.  You could also have stripes, letters, fireworks, you decide!!  Colors should incorporate red, white, and blue; please send me a pic by email so I can see what you came up with.  I really miss seeing your Art.

Missing you, 
Ms. Frye