Mandatory Parent Meeting 11/26 @ 6:00

Fred M. Lynn Middle School

Girls Basketball Handbook

Winter 2018

Kendra Haskins, Varsity Coach
Brianna. Partlow, Junior Varsity Coach


Welcome and congratulations on making the Girls Basketball team! Coaches Haskins and Papania are looking forward to a great season with players, parents, and spectators. Please read through this handbook carefully and keep it handy for future reference. If you have any questions, please contact the coach directly.

The information contained in this handbook is presented as a matter of information only, and its contents should not be interpreted as a contract between Fred Lynn Middle School and any students. This handbook is only a general statement of the Girls Basketball team policies. Any statement that contradicts school policy is unintentional. FLMS and PWCS policy supersedes any statements made in this manual.



Coach Haskins is entering her 6th year as a Basketball coach after 11 years of playing Basketball at the middle, high, and collegiate levels. Coach Haskins previously was the assistant varsity coach at Manassas Park High School for four years. Coach Haskins holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Education and a Masters in Special Education.



It is the duty of the coaching staff to teach players specific skills and foster student growth and athletic ability. It is the duty of the coach to make decisions regarding the team’s progress on the court.



It is the duty of the student/athlete to try their best on the court in both skills and conditioning. It is the duty of the student/athlete to work cooperatively with teammates and with coaches.



Students were selected for the team based on the following criteria (these items are not listed in order of priority): communication skills, work ethic, ability to perform skills specific to the sport (dribbling, passing, shooting, guarding), attitude, and overall athletic conditioning. As with other sports, basketball has specific positions that need to be filled in order for the team to be successful. Players will be trained in all skill areas regardless of the position they may play in a game and will be trained further in a specific skill set required of a specific position.



Any issues that a student / athlete feels needs to be addressed, should follow the “chain of command” communication process. First, the student / athlete should express her concern to the team captain. If the issue is not resolved or the athlete is uncomfortable discussing it with the team captain, the student/athlete should set up a meeting with her team coach. This meeting should include the student/athlete, team coach, and another individual (team captain, another coach), and should be held in an open-door environment. If the student/athlete feels the issue is still unresolved, she should schedule a meeting that will include the student/athlete, a parent(s) of the student/athlete, and the team coach. This meeting will likely be scheduled following a team practice at the coach’s convenience. It should never take place proceeding or following a game. If the student/athlete still feels the issue is unresolved, a meeting should be scheduled that will include the student/athlete, a parent(s) of the student/athlete, the team coach, and the athletic director. Following this communication guideline will assure that all issues are resolved properly and in a timely fashion

*** Note to Parents: Please refrain from discussing any issue concerning your daughter with a coach outside of the guideline defined above. Discussing an issue prior to or following a game is a distraction to the team and the coach. Please email the coach individually to set up a meeting time.



All student / athletes are expected to act in accordance with acceptable behavior standards as defined by the PWCS Code of Behavior. Although there is no way to identify every possible violation of standards of conduct, the following is a partial list of infractions that will result in disciplinary action:

–Fighting, horseplay, practical jokes or disorderly conduct, which may endanger the well-being of a fellow student or coach.

–Threatening, intimidating, coercing, abusive language, or interfering with the performance of a fellow athlete either in person, by wireless communication (texting, etc), or online.

–Inappropriate behavior in a locker room- filming in the lock room, intimidation, harassment, inappropriate physical contact

–Insubordination or refusal to comply with instructions or failure to perform reasonable duties assigned.



Punctuality and regular attendance are essential to the proper operation of any team. It is important that each athlete let her coach know as soon as possible when she will be absent. Letting your coach know that you will be absent the day of a practice or game for a non-emergency situation is unacceptable. Any extended absences (2 days or more) should be approved by the coach well in advance except in the case of an illness or emergency. It is the athletes’ responsibility to notify their coach about any absences. By missing practice time, you are hindering your performance as well as the performance of the team. The following is a general guideline that Coaches Haskins and Papania will follow:







Missed Practice Time (tardy/leaving early)


Additional conditioning time

Individual assignment

Missed Practice


Sit 1st half of next game played

Missed Game


Sit 1st game following infraction

Habitual tardiness is unacceptable. Players with three or more unexcused tardies will be dismissed from the team. Students are required to attend at least half of the school day in order to participate in that evening’s game or practice. Students must be in school by 11 AM to follow the half-day rule.



Students may not cross route 1 (the main intersection near school) to walk home. This is for their safety. Students returning from away games should be picked up within 30 minutes of arriving back at Fred Lynn. Failure to do so may result in removal from the team.



Students must remain academically and conduct eligible. Students who are failing to meet their requirements in class will be progress monitored.

GAME POLICY: All JV games are slated to begin at 4:45 PM. Varsity games follow the junior varsity games and begin around 6 PM. For home games, we will wear our uniform jersey or shirt to school paired with jeans or khakis. For away games, we will dress up. Dressing up means no t-shirts, but you may wear khakis or nice jeans with a nice top or blouse/button down shirt.



For away games, we will be riding on a school bus to and from a game. When the team is riding the bus, all athletes should ride the bus to the game. When returning from the game, athletes have the option of riding home with a parent. Athletes are only allowed to ride home with their parent(s), someone their parent(s) have given written permission to ride home with, or on the school bus. If riding on the school bus, students must contact their rides prior to arrival. Permission may also be emailed ahead of time regarding travel for the entire season. Permission must be in writing.



For home games, it is important that players are courteous to visiting athletes, spectators, and officials.



Athletes will be outfitted with appropriate uniforms by the school. Some parts of the uniform may be a nominal fee. No metal may be worn during a game. This includes but is not limited to jewelry, hair clips or ties, and glitter makeup. Students should purchase sturdy, supportive athletic shoes.



All information regarding practice schedules, game schedules, results, or other news will be given to players (through oral or written correspondence) or may be available on the FLMS website, The school’s twitter feed (located at the bottom of the school’s website) has up to date information on reschedules and cancellations.


Athletic Team Discipline Guideline




Skipping class

1 game suspension

Arriving after 11:30 AM (half day rule)

Miss practice/game

Tardy to practice (less than ten minutes) for anything other than academic/sick

Conditioning drills (less than 25% of practice)

Tardy to practice (academic/sick)

No consequence

Tardy to practice (more than ten minutes) for anything other than academic/sick

Sit half game





Minor incident report

Sit half game


1 game suspension

Referral requiring OSS (1-2 days)

1-2 game suspension

Referral requiring OSS (2 days +)

Suspended from team

Violence (physical contact) towards another student

Suspended from team

Vandalism of school property

Suspended from team

Drug/Alcohol related offense

Suspended from team


Suspended from team

Theft of property

1 game suspension for every day not returned

Misbehavior while at opposing school

1 game suspension

Filming/recording in locker room

Suspended from team





Academically ineligible

Suspended from team

Teacher reports student unprepared for class

Progress monitoring, academic plan

Teacher reports student not participating in class

Progress monitoring, academic plan

Teacher reports student misbehavior (minor) in class

Progress monitoring and/or sit half game (depends on severity, repetition)

Teacher reports work not complete

Progress monitoring, 1 game suspension until work is turned in



Athletic Physicals: You may get your physical done after May 31st. Click on the following link to download the form.
 sports physical (pdf)

Concussion Training: If you attended concussion training face-to-face, you can complete concussion training online using the following link:

Online Concussion Training

Click Login at the bottom and enter your 6 digit student ID (lunch number). Once complete you need to print out and sign the last page of concussion training

Face-to-Face Concussion Training: Please make sure to check the calendar for the next concussion training. The next one before Girls Basketball season is November 1st. 

In order to try out, students must have BOTH an athletic physical and concussion training ON FILE. No students will be allowed to try out without having both turned in. Students may turn their forms into Mr. Annunziata or turned into the front office labeled for Athletic Director.