Welcome to 6th grade science!
Virtual Learning

June 3rd and 4th has a focus on the Properties of Water. Here is the PowerPoint with voice over https://youtu.be/t6Pcg_73nK4 and the PowerPoint without voice over Propsofwater (2).pptx. Here are some notes to look over Water's Properties Notes .pdf. The Nearpod code for this week is PTBLR.

May 27th and 28th has a focus on Water. Here is the PowerPoint with voice over 
  and the PowerPoint without voice over solidliquidgas.pptx.

May 20th and May 21st focus is a review of Matter from the past weeks. Here is a Matter Choice Board. Choose an activity from each category to complete. Click on the links within the box to complete the activities. Here is the choice board.Matter Choice Board.docx

May 13th and 14th focus is Chemical bonding of atoms. Here is a PowerPoint with voice over https://youtu.be/WP46R6W505E  and here is the PowerPoint without voice over ChemicalBonding.pptx. The Nearpod code for Chemical bonding is DRXGK. Notes for Chemical bonding and Atomic Structure are here. Chemical Bonding.pdf and How to draw Atomic Structures.pdf

May 6th and 7th focus is Elements, Molecules and Compounds. Here is a PowerPoint with voice over https://youtu.be/PQNXk1EoLNU and here is the PowerPoint without voice over Elements Compounds Molecules 2.0.pptx. The Nearpod Code for Elements, Molecules and Compunds is GZWJM. Notes: Atoms, Elements, Molecules and Compounds.pdf

April 29th and 30th focus is Matter. Here is a PowerPoint with voice over https://youtu.be/fHVpu8vg_x8. Atoms.pptx is the PowerPoint with out voice over. Nearpod code for Atoms is GXIHS. Notes: Parts of an atom.pdf

April 15th and 16th focus is the Scientific Method. Here is the PowerPoint with voice over. Scientific Method 2.pptx  Notes: The scientific method.pdf

April 22nd and 23rd focus continues work on the Scientific Method. The Choice Board is attached. Scientific Method Choice Board.docx

Dear Fred Lynn family,
The sixth-grade science team has been thinking of you often during this time of uncertainty. Though school is closed, learning can continue.  We, the Fred Lynn family, are here for you and your student, closure or not.  To assist with your student's continued learning, a list has been compiled of videos that could be used as a means of review.  The list is attached to this email and separated by the unit.  Please note that prior to the closure, we were beginning our weather unit.
We have also created another Nearpod for your student to do at their own pace.  They will need to go to nearpod.com and enter the code to complete the lesson.  Please make sure that they are using their given first and last name.  The Nearpod lesson can be accessed via phone, tablet, or computer.
There are a total of four Nearpods currently available.  
Clouds - FHMSW 
Measures of Weather - LCKPT
Severe Weather - VCZLF 
Wind and Weather Fronts - RSBPM
These are not a priority for your student to complete.  These are just resources to help continue their learning.  Our priority is for your student to be happy, healthy, and able to enjoy quality time with you and your family.
All of the above information will also be found on our class webpage.  
Thank you for your continued support.  Please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.  

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at marshaer@pwcs.edu.