Learning Ideas for May 26-29

Daily Reading

-Read for 30 minutes or more each day. Read any books from home or use one of the online resources that are linked on CLEVER.

- I have also made an EPIC account for student to do some online reading! It includes books, videos, audiobooks and even some comic books ;) 

Step 1: Click on the following link or if it does not pop up copy and paste it into your url: https://www.getepic.com/educators?share=24292824921&utm_source=t2t&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=rsa_teacher_app

Step 2: Click on the student tab at the top of the page

Step 3: Enter our class code which is: hpj4767

From there you can create your profile and start reading!

Reading Lessons- NEARPOD

-Go to Nearpod
-NEW (5/26/20) (Reading comprehension) - Click clack the rattlebag - Code: QPXIL

-Code 4 (Reading strategies) DQAUF
-Code 1 (Roots and Affixes) YJWVZ
-Code 2 (context clues) OXGBA
-Code 3 (Theme) BFNUV

Writing exercise

New* 5/11/20
Go to Nearpod

Code 2: (Writing prompt/essay)

Code 1 (Writing assignment) ECRJY 

4/27-5/1For writing check out Jason Reynolds video here
Create an award for yourself Once you are done with the video write about what award you would give yourself! Think about everything that has happened since schools closed a little over a month ago. How have you grown as a person?

If anyone wants to text me I recently set up a google voice number that makes it easy for you to reach me. The number is ‪(571) 762-1726.

You can also e-mail me at Leducjr@pwcs.edu

Thanks Guys! I hope everyone is safe!

To all of my students who have asked about my sick grandfather I would like you to know that he passed away. It has been a difficult lock down because he was in the hospital for three months. Hug your parents and your grandparents and tell them you love them.