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Please remember, you can access any of the material I have on here over the summer. 

Solar System VideosSolar System Videos.docx
Astronaut Videos:Astronaut Videos.docx

*Previous Work is Below*

Properties of Water Voice Over PowerPoint Link: 
Properties of Water PowerPoint no voice over: Properties of Water.pptx
Properties of Water Drawn Notes: Water's Properties Notes .pdf
Properties of Water Nearpod Code: EJYUF

 Water Review PowerPoint Audio Link:https://youtu.be/heXPVGNBC1E
We will only give an audio option for Water Review PowerPoint, because it is important to be guided through this review

 Nearpod Code for Solid,Liquid,Gas Review: TKZRX

Drawn Notes Practice for Solid, Liquid, Gas Review: Solids, liquids, and gases drawing notes.pdf

Matter Review Choice Board
Matter Choice Board.docx
You may do all choice board activities, but at a minimum, please choose one per category. 

Audio PowerPoint Link on Chemical Bonding: 

No Audio PowerPoint on Chemical Bonding:

Chemical Bonding Nearpod Code: GBXUO

Additional Resources: Periodic Table:https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/periodic-table/
Hand Drawn Note Options: Drawn Notes on Chemical Bonding.pdf
How to draw Atomic Structures.pdf

 Audio PowerPoint Link Element/Molecule/Compound: https://youtu.be/PQNXk1EoLNU
Element/Molecule/Compound: No Audio PowerPoint :
Elements Compounds Molecules 2.0.pptx
Element/Molecule/Compound Nearpod Code: BEFZO

Drawn Out Notes Options: Atoms, Elements, Molecules and Compounds.pdf
Parts of an atom.pdf
 Atom PowerPoint with audio  https://youtu.be/fHVpu8vg_x8 
 Atom PowerPoint no audio: Atoms.pptx
Atom Nearpod Code: EIFKR

Scientific Method Choice Board (1).docx Choose at least 1 per category

Scientific Method PowerPoint (no audio) Scientific Method 2.pptx
 Scientific Method PowerPoint With Audio

Dear Fred Lynn Families,
The sixth-grade science team has created optional online review lessons to support your student while they are at home during the closure.  Below are optional Nearpod review lessons for your student to access with a phone, tablet, or computer.  This is a familiar site for them.

They will need to go to nearpod.com and enter the following UPDATED codes to access the lessons: These will not expire until June 12th
Code 1: PIKAQ
Code 2: YPFEH
Code 3: EOTCD
Code 4: JLCUG 
 Nearpod review on Scientific Method: HFXDU

We also have optional review videos that are organized per unit. Please see the attachment below.

Videos to Review.docx

Below is another optional resource if you would like to do some experiments. Please clean up after yourselves though!!

Science Experiments to Do at Home.pdf
For additional resources, please check back to my page or Mrs. Erin Lowery's page. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
Nicole Papania

Regular review of vocabulary is important.  Please make sure your student is regularly reviewing their vocabulary words at home.  They can do this with their notes and handouts.

This year we are learning:
FLMS 6th Grade Science Calendar.pdf

The Scientific Method
Earth's Water
Energy Forms and Transformation
Weather and Climate
Earth, Sun, Moon Relationships
Solar System