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8th Grade Science

NEW Important Information: 

  CONGRATULATIONS 8th Graders!! Here is your Promotion Video!


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 Week of June 1st: Density, Measurements and Science Equipment Review 

Wednesday, June 3rd

  • Zoom Call 
  • PS 1 Quizizz - and use game code: 5124291

Thursday, June 4th  

PS1 Feedback 

  • Density, Measurements, and Science Equipment Feedback 
 Week of May 25th: States of Matter Review 

Wednesday, May 27th

  • Zoom Call 
  • Unit 1 Quizizz - and use game code: 3583997

Thursday, May 28th  

Unit 1 Feedback 

 Week of May 18th: Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Review 

Wednesday, May 20th

  • Zoom Call 
  • Unit 1 Kahoot - Go to and use the game code: 02866553

Thursday, May 21st  

Unit 1 Feedback 

 Week of May 11th: Atoms, Elements, and The Periodic Table Review 

Wednesday, May 13th

  • Zoom Call 
  • Unit 2 Kahoot - Go to and use the game code: 04167189

Thursday, May 14th  

Unit 2 Feedback 

 Week of May 4th: Forms of Energy Unit Review 

Wednesday, May 6th

  • Zoom Call 
  • Forms of Energy Quizizz - and use game code: 998137 

Thursday, May 7th  

Forms of Energy Feedback 

 Week of April 27th: Thermal Energy Unit Review 

Wednesday, April 29th

  • Zoom Call 
  • Thermal Energy Kahoot - Go to and use the game code: 01510487

Thursday, April 23rd  

Thermal Energy Feedback 

Week of April 20th: Sound Unit Review 

Wednesday, April 22nd

  • Zoom Call 
  • Sound Kahoot - Go to and use the game code: 06089013

Thursday, April 23rd

Sound Feedback 


Week of April 13th: Light Unit Review 

Wednesday, April 15th 

  • Zoom Call 
  • Light Quizizz - and use the game code: 807887 

Thursday, April 16th

Light Feedback 


Make sure to CHECK YOUR EMAIL!
  • Look out for an email every Tuesday with a Zoom Meeting ID and Password for Wednesday 
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  • Have questions about school or zoom? Email me at!

SCIENCE SCHEDULE for the Remainder of the School Year

  • We will have Zoom meetings starting at 11:30 am on Wednesdays where we will announce the game code for that day!
    • We encourage you to use your cell phone (if you do not have a computer!)
    • Please have paper and pencil available  
    • Please follow zoom etiquette (found in your email) and remember the meeting is being recorded and sent to admin
    • Please use your full name on Zoom and Review Games

  • Don't want to use zoom? No problem! 
    • The game code for the same game we play on zoom will always appear on my website after the call 

  • We will complete unit Breakouts on Thursdays

  • The Science Schedule -Topic for each week! 
    • Week of April 13th - Light PS 9
    • Week of April 20th-  Sound PS 8
    • Week of April 27th-  Thermal Energy PS7
    • Week of May 4th-     Energy PS 5 and PS 6
    • Week of May 11th-   Atoms, Elements and Compounds PS 3 and 4
    • Week of May 18th-   Matter PS 2 and 3
    • Week of May 25th-   Scientific Investigation PS 1

  • The School Schedule 


  • Email me what assignment you want to get a better grade for!
    • You may retake tests after completing the study guide for that unit!

  • The work we will be doing together on Wednesdays and Thursdays is optional and not graded.
    • You will receive feedback and it is a fun way to review science, keep yourself from being bored, and a chance to see your science teachers and friends!



As we all adjust to this new normal please know you are missed and thought about daily!
Please take this time to increase your scientific knowledge as a way to finalize your 8th grade
career and prepare for your future as an incoming high school student. 

miss you

I Miss You Video 

Students and Parents: Go to either the "useful links" tab or the "files and documents" tab for various virtual learning opportunities to choose from! 😊 Students may use any device that connects to the internet or uses data to complete the assignments, including their cell phones! 


Please contact me with any questions or concerns at any time! 
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Check out the Calendar tab to the left for dates of quizzes, tests, and anything important. (This will be updated as the year goes on.) 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at any time!My Email:

You can follow what we do in class and at the school on my twitter! My Twitter

Physical Science

This is an SOL tested course: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science knowledge and skills will be assessed at the end of the year. To prepare for this exam, we will be reviewing content from all 3 grade levels in our daily warm-ups. Once we are done learning the 8th grade curriculum, we will focus solely on reviewing and practicing for the SOL. Students can use Jefferson Lab online and their 6th and 7th grade class notes at any time to review on their own. If your child / you have not been in the county for 6th and/or 7th grade, we will work with your child / you to gain as much knowledge as possible to be able to hopefully pass the end of year standardized exam with flying colors!  

This year, we will be using Interactive Science Notebooks, so make sure your child / you have a composition notebook dedicated to science class only. We will be housing our notebooks in the classroom, but students may take their notebooks home to study for quizzes and tests. We will be doing TONS of higher level labs and experiments to make science even more exciting! 8th grade science is all about collaborating, creating, and investigating all while having fun :) Below are the units and standards we will be learning. The first two units are the largest and both take around 30 days to complete. The remaining units can span from about 5-20 days.      

8th Grade Units:
Unit 1
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 2 Nature of Matter
PS. 5 Changes in Matter  

Unit 2
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 3 Atomic Structure
PS. 4 Periodic Table of Elements

Unit 3
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 5 Changes in Matter  
PS. 6 Forms of Energy

Unit 4
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 7 Temperature Scales & Thermal Energy

Unit 5
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 8 Sound Waves

Unit 6
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 9 Transverse Waves (Light)

Unit 7
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 10 Work, Force and Motion

Unit 8
PS. 1 Scientific Investigations
PS. 11 Electricity and Magnetism