You Can...

  1. Review 8th grade science content 
  2. Prepare for high school with review :) 
  3. Get information about the last 2 science units
  4. Review 6th, 7th and 8th grade science through SOL practice/review games and quizzes 
  5. Complete items from each option! 

**Click on the link IN RED to complete each virtual learning assignment of your choice! You can choose from Breakouts, Quizziz, Nearpods, and more! Have fun with whatever you choose!! :) **


Option 1: Review 8th Grade Science Content - 


Option 2: Prepare for High School (Review content previously learned that will show up again!) -


Option 3: Get Information about the Last Two 8th Science Units -

  • Electricity and Magnetism - Unit 8 (PS11 & 6th Grade) 
    • Lesson One: Introduction of Electricity 
      • Go to the "Files and Documents Tab" for step by step instructions 
      • Nearpod Code: GXNDW 

    • Lesson Two: Parallel and Series Circuits 
    • Lesson Three: Conductors and Insulators  
    • Lesson Four: Electricity and Magnetism  
  • Force and Motion - Unit 7 (PS10)



Option 4: Practice for the SOL (6th, 7th and 8th Grade Science Review)