Virtual Learning:

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-How to access Zoom sample instructions: file

May 6th Quizizz game code: 998137 (game will be open until May 30th)

Thursday, April 23rd activity = Sound Unit Review

Tuesday April 15th lesson: code 110249(This will be open until April 30th)
Wednesday April 16th break-out activity

Thursday, April 2nd: Earth Science review. --> join code 865884

Wednesday, April 1st: "Density & Ocean Currents" part one. 
      --> This one is on  --> use join code: IMCUS

Tuesday, March 31st: "Sound Energy - Virtual Breakout Room"

Monday, March 30th: "Properties and Changes of Matter- iSpy activity" 

March 27th "Taki Hills- Energy Breakout" Work though this virtual breakout room! 
     ---> You may need a calculator to solve potential and kinetic energy problems (equations are given in within the questions)

March 26th Heat Energy Review: ==> code PTJWY
      - This has a short "fun fact poll" to begin, then a short virtual simulation comparing heat transfer in water vs air.

- Electricity
-Complete activities and questions on --> join with code: FDKWQ
      -Nearpod 2- Parallel and Series Circuits Code: VQGES
      -Nearpod 3- Conductors and Insulators Code: GNOVU

8th grade science review:

Unit 6- PS9 Light Unit
-Reflection Refraction link:

Unit 2 Quizlet vocabulary
Balancing Chemical Equations:
Practice games: link

Atomic Theory- Scientists and History
1.) Interactive Timeline
2.) Additional Scientists

7th grade science review:

Water Cycle review on --> code RDOSL
SOL genetics review on --> Code: 089806
Biology review on --> code 335336

Alkali Metals Reacting video
More explosions

10/22/18 Silicon vs. Silicone research