www.jwpepper.com  JWPepper is where I get music, and they have professional recordings to listen to.  Go the site, search by title of the piece, then click the icons to play the music. You can even watch the parts if the recording has the 'view' icon

www.youtube.com  You can also watch and listen to string class music on Youtube.  Search the title and also include 'orchestra.' 

Metronome and Tuner  Great for practicing.  Use these tools just like we do in class.

www.8notes.com  This is an awesome resource!  Free music, lessons, resources for fun playing.  Check it out.

Noteflight  This is the software I use to write out music for students.  You can sign up for a free version!

Music Tech Teacher  Online lessons, many music technology resources.

Sight Reading Factory
  Builds rhythm and melody according to your presets.  Practice!

The Kennedy Center  Wonderful learning opportunities from a local institution.

The Hylton Center Another local institution offering online activities.

Children's Music Workshop  Useful information about strings and other things in music.

PBS Music Games

Classics for Kids

Music Racer  Fun music games!  Test and challenge yourself.

Chrome Music Lab  Experiment with the elements of music, or bigger ideas

Music Theory  Explore the theory side of music like how scales, arpeggios, and chords work

Incredibox  App that lets you create your own music with beatboxing

Virtual Drums  Be a rock star!  Make some drum sounds and beats.