Welcome to Ms. Ulloa's Class Page! 

Science will be meeting Wednesday's and Thursday's from 11:25am-12:10pm. This means that you will be completing the review work that I have assigned for the week during this time. Zoom meetings will also be scheduled during part of this time. I will email you and your parents the work for the week on Monday's. Please check your student emails! (: 

If you forgot your email address it in the format username@pwcs-edu.org and if you forgot your password you can rest it here, Password Reset .

To find your work for the week scroll down until you see the "Science Review" folder. In that folder, there will be 
folders labeled with dates. Within each folder there will be work for you to complete for that week. This week's review is in the "06/03-06/04: Water" folder.

After we finish reviewing a unit I will add it to a unit folder.

While completing the review assignments please write down questions about things that are confusing or you need more help with please! 

My office hours are Wednesday's and Thursday's 12:10-12:55.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or you're confused about something or if you just want to talk! My email is ulloaga@pwcs.edu

Love and miss you all so much!