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Please communicate with me through Outlook 365, Classcraft, Twitter, Flipgrid, or Google Meet (during office hours 10:00am - 11:30am). I will respond to your messages within 24-36 hours.

I am a reflective educator with over 16 years of experience teaching K-12 while delivering language arts lessons with dedication.

My classroom is learner centered. I help students develop skills and knowledge to become independent creative thinkers and lifelong learners. 

I am an avid outdoors-woman and enjoy gardening, walking my dogs, and hiking with friends. I have completed over 20 sprint triathlons, three 100 mile bicycle rides, and dozens of 5k's.

Not only does being outdoors lower my stress, but reading is the number one way to make me feel less stressed.  Just like working out helps my muscles, reading has strengthened my brain.  Sometimes I watch videos or discuss what I am learning and that helps me remember new things, too.  I can remember more things, think better, and I get along well with others when I read.

How do you learn best?

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