Last week of school
Assignments for June 8th-12th:

If you need help with any of the content in the lessons or have any questions, I am available on MONDAY and TUESDAY from 12:10-12:55PM.

Reading Lessons-NEARPOD
-Go to
-The Long Night: GRANB
-Remember to write your full name when you join, FIRST and LAST, please!

Daily Reading
-Read for 30 minutes or more each day. Read any books from home or
use one of the online resources that are linked on 

Daily Writing
-Write a paragraph each day telling me all about what you did that day! 

Past NEARPODS: (Still open for you to complete or redo)

--Reading Comprehension #3: LTWQO
--Reading Strategies #2: NSCRI
--Reading Comprehension: ABQCG
--Reading Strategies: EDGWM
--Main Idea: IPBLT
--Setting-Time To Climb: KXLGZ
--Writing: KSJMQ
--Fact vs. Opinion: XWNEA
--Fact & Opinion-Time to Climb: GHBZP
--Summarizing: EJWZM
--Multiple Meaning Words: DRNEB
--Identifying the Climax of a Story: RQHXN
--Roots & Affixes: TANZC
--Theme: XJUBV
--Context Clues: ENMXV
--Character Development: DOGJZ
--Synonyms & Antonyms: QRSBC
--Plot Elements: YKLTF