Mr. Plummer BA, MBA
8th Grade Individuals and Societies IB-MYP
Civics and Economics 

Attention All Students! 
Assignments for course content will continue through the optional review folder.  It will link students to the Khan Academy website.  The students have been using this content for more than a month and know how to log on with their school email and passwords.  Students need to review all videos, read articles, and complete skills challenges.  Assignments can be reviewed through my homepage and grades will be updated when we find out what VDOE would like us to do.

The student notebooks will also be updated with notes, powerpoints, and videos to help with any review.  Assignments will be posted in there, but it will only be required by the 2020-21 students to have completed.  The notebooks are in their Outlook 365 school accounts.  The students have also used this in my classroom.

If any questions or concerns, I can be reached by email posted below.  Please everyone be safe and healthy as you prepare for your high school endeavors.  Parents, you can have the students add more subjects and content on Khan Academy so they can prepare for high school as well!

All the best,


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8th Grade Schedule 

Wed. & Thurs.
8:15am-9 Civics class (Khan Academy)
9-9:45am Office time for questions about assignments