Civics update May 18th: 
Please continue to work on the Khan Academy modules. This week in Khan Academy I'm posting a set of videos by CBS's John Dickerson. Each one answers a who, what, why question such as - Why study U.S. history, government and civics? Why does your vote matter? What was the Articles of Confederation? Why was George Washington the first president? Each video is very short and this section has no quizzes or tests! If you have some extra time and want to check out these short videos please do.

Once again all review is optional, but it is a great way to go over everything we covered this year. All previously assigned sections stay "open" as well meaning you can work on anything listed at any time, in any order. Do what you want, when you want. 

Please continue to email me with any concerns, questions, or just to say hi! Miss you guys.

Civics update April 14th:
8th grade Civics students will be using the website Khan's Academy to continue review of Civics material. Use the email that I recently sent for directions on how to sign up for the class. Each week I will post new assignments. Please sign up for Khan's Academy and email me with any questions!

For the week of March 30th:
1. Brainpop - watch Political Parties & Political Beliefs movies and do review quizzes.
2. Icivics - Play the Win the White House game
3. Solpass - Do the review games for CE 5 - Political Parties & Elections
4. YouTube - watch Crash Course Government & Politics #40 (Political Parties) and #35 ( Political Beliefs)
5. YouTube - watch Mr. Raymond's Civics SOL Academy video: Political Parties

This should be enough for the week, but of course you can always do more! Remember there is a presidential election this year in November so its important to know what the candidates stand for and believe in!

Coronavirus Update March 22 -

For Civics & Economics Review:

1. go to login: lynn middle school, password: lynnms
Do any of the review games, look at the study guides, or take the practice SOL tests

2. go to login: fredlynn password: brainpop
Click Social Studies and watch any movie from their Economics or U.S. Government sections. Do review quizzes and play the games that are available.

3. go to click on Play. Do any of the review games on this site.

Stay safe and hope to see everyone soon!

Course Description
: Civics involves a study of important historical documents that have impacted the creation and functioning of our local, state, and national governments.  This course will focus on the rights, responsibilities, and duties we, as citizens, need to understand.  Additionally, students will develop an understanding of different economic systems.

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