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Updated for May 18th: This week's Khan Academy assignment is in Unit 5, Political Participation.

I continue to hope that everyone is staying well, here is our update for Civics class this week:

  1. Class Zoom for all of Mr. Krainess's student's: Thursday at 2:30pm. This replaces our Wednesday and Thursday morning Civics times. I will be available for communication throughout the week but I am finding that morning times are no good for a lot of students. The Zoom invitation (link and code) will be sent to students on Thursday morning. If this time does not work let me know and I can maybe change it, but students can also do their work even if they can not make it to our Zoom meeting. All Civics work can be done independently, not necessarily during our Zoom.

  2. Two assignments for this week. #1- Khan Academy Unit 5, Political Participation. #2- Click the following link to complete the gimkit:  Click on this link to play the Civics gimkit!

  3. Reports cards have come out but grades can be replaced. If students do the gimkit from this week, and do well, I can replace an old grade. If students log in to Khan Academy (instructions on my class website) and do work on their site, the Khan Academy quiz/Unit Test grades can replace quizzes and Unit Tests from the school year. Students can also continue to do our old Brainpop and Flocabulary work to replace old incomplete grades- but they must communicate with me so that I know to go in to Brainpop and flocabulary and look at which assignments to update the grade. Brainpop & flocabulary do not automatically notify me of completed/changed assignments.  I can even be flexible and allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in creative ways too (they can make posters, presentations, essays, powerpoints, websites, youtube videos, etc.). 

  4. I continue to update my class website throughout the week. The last few chapters of a book we were reading: Way of the Warrior Kid is posted and will soon be posting chapters for its sequel "Marc's Mission."

Again, if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. 

Mr. Krainess
(703) 951-3688‬

<--Way of the Warrior Kid

<-- Las instrucciones para cambiar el idioma en Khan Academy están alli.

<-- Assignments tab is updated, with all the information about completing old assignments and how to log in to Khan Academy to finish new assignments and learn to time travel.  Use the contact info below to reach out if you're having any problems at all, or just to catch up! 

<-- Class Resources has links to everything, including the document that has every word, definition, and concept that you were supposed to learn this year.

Continue to check your emails, tell your friends to check their emails and let me know if someone needs anything. Invitations for the Zooms will be sent to you the morning of the meeting. Remember, you can complete the Brainpop and Flocabulary work to improve your grade (but you must tell Mr. Kray if you did something and what you did so he can check!). You can also work on Khan Academy stuff to review, and I HIGHLY recommend logging in to Khan Academy and looking at some of their other courses too, there are some interesting ones.

Take care and let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

If you want to see any of my old videos, go directly to my youtube channel by clicking this link

If you would like to contact me with any questions or just to say hi:
Phone/Text:  703-951-3688