Updated for May 18th: This week's Khan Academy assignment is in Unit 5, Political Participation (instructions are below to join our class in Khan Academy). You can also complete this week's gimkit (an old Civics SOL).  Click this text to complete the gimkit

We covered everything this year except SOL CE 13- marketplace competition and how the government intervenes in the economy. If you are trying to stay engaged in what's going on in our community, in understanding how our government is supposed to be functioning, and you want to keep your skills and memory sharp, feel free to review old information or find the new stuff about the Federal Reserve, currency, government agencies like the FCC, FDA, EPA, etc. using the assignments below and in the "Class Resources" page on the left side of the screen. In the Class Resources tab there is a document called "This Document Is Everything" that literally has every word, definition, and concept that you were supposed to learn this year.

Old Work that's in the gradebook:

There had been several online assignments from before we left school that students should complete if they didn't do it before. 
IMPORTANT: Since these are old assignments, if you complete one, email, call, text, or tweet Mr. Krainess using his contact info below so that he knows to go back and check the system for new grades.
-Brainpop: Supply & Demand, Money, Interest, Taxes (hay en español también)
-Flocabulary: Economic Systems, Supply & Demand.
*Students should know how to access these assignments, but instructions are on the "Class Resources" page (link on the left side of the page).

If there are any problems, contact Mr. Krainess:

e-mail:  KraineM@pwcs.edu
Phone/Text:  703-951-3688

New Review Work:
Using the same Clever login (instructions on the Class Resources page) you can access "Khan Academy" with TONS of short civics videos. Each video will also ask questions to check for understanding and give you points! I have been using Khan Academy for kindergarten assignments with my son! Khan also has some fun classes like "Pixar," "coding," "storytelling," and "growth mindset."  When you log in through Clever, it should automatically add you to Mr. Kray's class and then you can look for Civics assignments but if it doesn't add you automatically to my class, you use my class codes below. This week take a look at the unit called America Political Ideologies and Beliefs. Each lesson is pretty quick/short- just watch the video and take the quiz!

Here are the codes to join your class:
p3: Click on this link to join Period 3's Class in Khan Academy
p4: Click on this link to join Period 4's Class in Khan Academy
p5: Click on this link to join Period 5's Class in Khan Academy
p6: Click on this link to join Period 6's Class in Khan Academy

(Khan Acemy es en español también, instructiones estan alli <--. Si necesitas ayuda, evieme un correo electronico o llameme)

Learn to time travel by learning to type faster! Log in using Clever and click on the typing.com button! The faster you type, the faster you can complete work! If you can type an assignment in 10 minutes rather than an hour and ten minutes, you just gained an extra hour of free time! It's like learning to time travel!