Thank you all for taking the time to complete the Nearpods! Remember to read each day as well. 

Below are new activities for you to complete this week (June 8- June 12). The activities from past weeks are still open to complete as well.

My office hours are Monday and Tuesday 12:10-12:55. If you have any questions about the Nearpod lessons, or need feedback, I am available through e-mail to answer your questions.

I miss you all! Continue to stay safe and healthy!
Ms. Sweezy

Learning Activities for June 8th- June 12th:
Go to and enter in the codes below OR click on the lesson.
- Reading Comprehension 3   TSGIO
**Remember to read for 30 minutes each day. If you don't have any books to read at home, please follow the directions on this page to access EPIC for free digital books.

Past Nearpods (Still open for you to complete or redo): 
- Review: Making Predictions   ZKVQH
- How to Become a Better Reader   EINAU
- Using Dialogue Review   CYRIQ
- Reading Comprehension 2   YOHQU
- Reading Comprehension 1   RVFBK
- Reading Strategies 1   EGVTJ
- Fictional Narrative   HJNWK
- Main Idea and Supporting Details   ZSCAN
- Setting Review Game   AUGPK
- Fictional Narrative   HJNWK
- Fact and Opinion   NARLB
- Fact and Opinion Review Game   AWXEG
- Multiple Meaning Words   ZLMVQ
- Summarize Nonfiction Text    ADUXJ
- Roots and Affixes   JZSBQ

- Identify the Climax of a Story   KRASW
- Synonyms and Antonyms   ITCNJ
Theme   NRVXO
- Context Clues   KIFHG

- Plot Elements Review Game   GLYSP
- Character Development Interactive Read Aloud   RVNXH

Past Writing Exercises: 
1. What's Going On in This Picture?

2. Write a creative (imaginary) story and send it to me. Your setting should take place during a pandemic, but the rest is up to you! Be creative as you want, just make sure your story makes sense.
3. Jason Reynolds writing assignment "Create a Fictional Tattoo". Click on the link below to listen to the writing assignment. Then draw out and write about your fictional tattoo.
4. Jason Reynolds writing assignment "Write the First Line to a Story". Click on the link below to listen to the writing assignment.

Read/Listen to Books From Home!

Parents and Students,
I have created an account for each of you on EPIC. This website will allow you to read and listen to books from home for free. In order to access this resource:
1. Click on the link: EPIC Remote Access
2. Choose the STUDENTS tab along the top of the website
3. Enter in our class code: sua5718
4. Choose your name and start reading!

Thank you and remember to read each day!