From Kids to Kids
As educators, we are constantly trying to help our kids see the value in making a difference and provide our students genuine opportunities to make the world a better place. With this mindset in place, a podcast and a few phone calls later, “From Kids To Kids” was born. From Kids To Kids is a mission designed to help teachers, students, and community members accomplish one goal: to help put smiles on the faces of kids in hospitals and treatment centers everywhere! Whether recovering from a minor surgery, or fighting a life-threatening battle, we want to give kids something to smile about! A simple donation of a box filled with items like a coloring book, crayons, stuffed animal, and more can brighten any child’s day and help bring smiles to the faces of their friends and family members, too!

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From Kids to Kids was created by these educators:

Jonathan Alsheimer

Thomas Annunziata
(teacher & athletic director)

Adam Peterson
(speaker & author of Teach, Play, Learn!)

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So how can you help?

Make a monetary donation by check to:
Fred M. Lynn Middle School
ATTN: Jonathan Alsheimer FROM KIDS TO KIDS
1650 Prince William ParkwayWoodbridge, VA 22191
(100% of donations will be used to support FKTK in area hospitals)


Collect items at your school, put them in boxes, slap a FKTK label on it, and deliver the boxes to local hospitals for kids! *CLICK THE “LABELS” IMAGE FOR LOGOS*

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