Books and More

Reading and Book Suggestions
  • Need a Book Recommendation? Checkout Let's Talk Books: Middle School Edition or Let's Talk Books: Elementary Edition presentation includes instructions on how to access Hoopla, a digital eBook and audiobook app available through the Prince William County Library
  • Epic Reads - stay up to date with YA book news! Epic Reads has lists of trending books, news on upcoming releases, plus videos on books and authors.
  • Virginia Readers' Choice Books - This site offers all of the books that won the Virginia Readers Choice Book Awards. It's separated by grade levels, so you can find just the right book! Happy Reading!
  • James Patterson Read Kiddo Read - James Patterson, beloved author of many of our favorite books and series, has a web site that tells his favorite books and where to find more books like the ones you already know you like. It's sorted into age groups, so you don't have to waste your time sorting through books that are too young or old for you.

eBooks and Story Links

  • Storyline Online - Celebrity read children books. Check it out and rediscover some of your favorites. If you have younger siblings at home, they would love to listen to a story with you!
  • ReadWorks - Offers a variety of searchable reading materials (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry), text sets, and paired passages. Parents will need to create a login and create a "class" for their student, but it is free and user friendly. Includes an "Article of the Day" non-fiction set and a protocol for response suggested for students K-8. Other materials available for students K-12.
  • CommonLit - Offers a variety of searchable reading materials (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry) as well as text sets. Parents will need to create a login, but it is free and user friendly. Material for student 3-12.
  • AudioBookCloud - is an online audio book library collection with unlimited remote access for all ages.
  • TeenBookCloud - is an online database of eBooks for grades 7-12.
Fun and Games
  • Fun Brain - There are games of all shapes and sizes here. Play here on a rainy day (but still remember to play outside when it's nice out!)
  • Cool Math - Play here, play with friends and see if you can beat your old score. But don't play too long- Get back to your homework! Or go play OUTSIDE!!!!
  • Math is Fun/ Simon - Are you smarter and can you remember more than your teachers? Practice here and then challenge your teachers. The entire Math is Fun site is full of fun games to play.
  • FreeRice - While you take a study break, why not learn some interesting vocabulary, practice your math facts or world geography. And while you're doing that, you're also feeding people in need. Everyone wins!!!
  • Learning Games for Kids - This educational game site has a large variety of games, from Math to typing to music.