IB Travel Abroad Program

Mr Patterson and Mr Brewer point to a poster with the text Hornets Abroad

Thursday, March 26, 2020
The 2020 Summer Trip to Paris and Madrid will be postponed to the summer of 2021. Mr. Patterson will be getting in touch with the participating families within the next week to to discuss details.

IB Travel Abroad Parent Update Meeting

Thursday, February 20th in the library @ 7 p.m (following the PTSO meeting)

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Frequently asked questions from the September 24 Information Session

What is the final date that the trip must be paid in full?

Travelers on the manual payment plan, must pay off their balance 110 days before the tour. Travelers on the automatic payment plan, have until 30 days before the tour to pay off their balances

Can families buy additional medical insurance overseas?

EF Tours offer the Global Travel Protection. If they would like to purchase additional insurance, that is up to them.

What is recommended for additional expenses and travel money: credit card, traveler's checks or cash?

Travelers checks do not work over sees. Students use cash, debit or credit cards. However, they must consult with their banks on whether their card is accepted internationally and will have to notify them of their dates of travel so their cards do not get canceled.

If the students get more donations than the trip cost does the student get that extra money for spending?

If the students receive donations over the tour donation page and it exceeds their balance, then they will receive a refund check for the negative balance. It will be mailed to their home address.

What about students with food allergies with regards to meals such as breakfast and dinner?

Before our tour, we will collect Health and Medical forms that include a section on allergies and dietary restrictions. I will inform EF Tours of any dietary restrictions or allergies and they will then import the information into their system so they can arrange the meals accordingly.